mum’s blanket update

Mum’s rate of knitting has slowed down for one reason or another so I am catching up with my finishing in comparison to her output!

Here are two blankets completed by me at the end of last year.    

I know, they’re all starting to look much the same but garter stitch is all mum can do. At least the recipients won’t know that there are several similar-looking blankets out there!

This third blanket is made in a different yarn, much thicker, heavier and harsher; we will not be using it again. I have used a pale yellow for the sashing and borders instead of the white I usually use.

Mum is no longer able to cope with long strips of 250 rows so we are back to using shorter strips cross-wise.

I’m currently working on Blanket #10 (the knitting, and therefore the counting, of blankets began March 2015). There are not yet enough strips to start on Blanket #11 so I’m almost up-to-date: woo-hoo!

Does anyone have any tips for photographing knitted blankets so they’re square, not stretched out of shape like mine always are. I’ve tried pegging them to a line (as seen in this post) but they  still stretch and sag. Any tips would be appreciated?

May your stitches bring you much joy.


11 thoughts on “mum’s blanket update

  1. Thanks for your comment about the colours and the suggestions for photography. The colours are easy — I just buy every colour they have in the store and use them all in 25g lots; the yarn comes in 100g skeins and WM and I wind it off into smaller balls. Sometimes we encounter knots in the yarn as we rewind it so the balls we make can be less than 25g and that just adds interest as each section of colour is a slightly different size.

    We’ve tried laying them flat but perspective means that the blanket appears skinnier at one end. WM has tried standing on steps, etc. to take a ‘square’ photo but he always has to lean over to centre the photo and it’s a bit dangerous. I agree that draping makes a beautiful, artistic photos, but it means that some of the blanket is hidden which is fine if it’s an all over pattern but, because these are all different colours, I’m trying to show the whole blanket. Knitting, unlike quilts, is stretchy and doesn’t lend itself well to being hung, by an method! Ah well, we’ll persist in what we’re doing! Thanks again.


    1. Yes, it keeps her busy and happy. As for the photographs, I wish I could think of a more flattering way to photograph them. I’m beginning to think draping them is the best idea!


    1. Thanks; they are certainly happy colours even though some are dark and not very interesting on their own. Yes, I’m beginning to think draping might be a better way to go. Thanks for sharing your opinion.


  2. What about draping them on a lounge Lynne. They won’t be an exact rectangle or anything, but at least they’ll be in a natural habitat LOL Lucy from the blog Attic 24 makes a lot of rugs and hers always look lovely when photographed, maybe some ideas will pop for you there.


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