now he is six

How is it possible that this little fella is old enough to go to school?

17 February 2010
17 February 2010

He started school on 4 February and was so excited to take Minion cup-cakes to share with his class mates today.

We bought him the 25th anniversary edition of the original “Where’s Wally” book and within ten minutes he’d found Wally on two different pages – -wasn’t he pleased?

Where's Wally?

There is also a copy of an old classic, “Now We Are Six”, on the way but, sadly, it didn’t arrive in time for his birthday.

Milne & Shepard : Now We are Six (Hbk)

He woke surprised this morning that he hadn’t grown bigger or that his school shorts still fitted! I think he’s handsome just as he is.

pre-school October 2015
pre-school October 2015

14 thoughts on “now he is six

    1. I, too, still have my copy given to me for my sixth birthday. When I bought Older Grandson’s, I bought an identical one for Younger Grandson who will be six next year.


  1. I think I’ll be six now forever and ever.

    My sons can still quote this and many other others from the same source and can sing most of the Hums of Pooh as can my sister and I. Wonderful verses for children.

    At school! How quick was that!


    1. So true! I don’t need to look a year older overnight (although sometimes I feel like it).

      I will pass on your birthday wishes. (So lovely to have you visit my new blog; thank you.)


  2. They do grow up so fast, how they get from babies to starting school to almost graduating seems like a blur. He is a handsome young fellow. Happy birthday to him.


    1. Thank you; we certainly think he’s handsome but we are his grandparents! LOL
      Certainly the last six years have passed in a blur. His mother will be thirty in a few weeks — where did it all go?


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