work in progress (and a finished flimsy)

One good thing about being at home most days as a full-time carer is that I have plenty of time to do the things I enjoy doing. Afternoons, if it’s not too hot, are reserved for some light gardening with WM. If it is hot, we go for a ‘swim’; well, we get wet in the swimming pool, no one actually does much swimming.

Blanket #10 in progress
Blanket #10 in progress

In the evenings, I often do some knitting. As you would probably be aware, I rarely have time for my own knitted projects these days. Most days, except when it’s too hot to sit under a warm covering, I work on the sashing and borders of mum’s knitted blankets. This heap on the floor near my armchair is the one in progress. I am doing the sashing and borders in bright yellow (for a change from my usual white) and I’m liking the effect.

During the day, I am usually found in the sewing room. Sometimes I’m on the computer or piano but, more often than not, I’m doing something sewing related.

Last weekend I trimmed a large number of HST down to 2.5″ squares. Those little tags on top of each pile say “96”; saves me counting each time! I still have another 150 or so waiting to be trimmed and an unnumbered pile (no photo) waiting to be cut and/or pressed.

192 done; 576 to go!
150 waiting to be trimmed
150 waiting to be trimmed
Scrappy Mosaic quilt

I’m not in a hurry with this project; it is my leader/ender project so it is moseying along and will get there eventually. It started because I had so many 3″ blocks in storage and thought it was better to use them than store them. I ‘designed’ the quilt for them on EQ7.  The two colours in my design don’t mean anything; they just help me distinguish between the two different blocks; which are variations on Mosaic blocks in the EQ7 library. My quilt will be made of scraps so I just need to see where the lights and darks go!


last twenty blue blocks
last twenty blue blocks

On Wednesday, I made twenty more Attic Window blocks. I now have the eighty blocks I need to make an all-blue pin-wheel quilt. Here are some of the blocks — these are 6.5″ square and will therefore make 12″ (finished) pin-wheels. What you can see here are five sets of four blocks pinned together. I refer you to this post to see what I’m planning. In that post, I had blocks of three different colours but half of them were blue. After writing that post, and spurred on by January being ‘blue’ on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, it occurred to me that I had more than enough blue scraps to make the quilt entirely in blue. The left over blocks will either go on the back or will be the basis of another project!

All eighty of these blocks will go with me to class next week to be trimmed and joined into pin-wheels.

One of the advantages of being in a class at my LQS is access to a design wall. I took the 30 blocks for my Green Strips and Triangles quilt to class on Monday.

During class, I turned 30 blocks into six rows. Over the next couple of days, I joined those rows together (only the first seam had to be completely ripped out because the points were “right off”). I admit that I did spend some time watching YouTube clips and reading other web pages to find the trick to getting those pesky joins ‘right’ but I didn’t really find any information that I hadn’t heard/read before.

Anyway, the flimsy is finally done so this week has been a good stitching week.

What about you? What have you been stitching?

May your stitches bring you much joy.



6 thoughts on “work in progress (and a finished flimsy)

    1. Thank you. The blue blocks are planned to be the next project in the queue. Then it will be time to baste three quilts and bring them home (so to speak).
      When mum first came to live with us she knitted scarves but now the small number of stitches creates constant turning which just confuses her as she gets tangled in the length.


    1. Thank you. You may have to wait a while to see the HST quilt — progress is slow given that it’s my leader and ended project. The Attic Windows are next in the queue to be turned into a flimsy. Then I have several other sets of blocks to be made into tops.


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