another finished flimsy

Although I started making these blocks in February 2015, so that I could learn the technique of sewing a Y-seam (in class), this project didn’t get its place in my sewing room until January 2016. At that stage, I had 40 x 6″ blocks made; 20 in blue and the other 20 in red or green. Some of the green blocks weren’t working well because of my choice of fabrics and needed to be ripped apart or replaced.

January was the month for blue on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge so I decided to make this project all in blue. Getting all the blocks done (I needed 80) took me into February. Here are some of them (pinned in groups of four).

last twenty blue blocks
last twenty blue blocks

In the last week of February, I turned the 6″ blocks in to 12″ blocks.

one pinwheel

It was 29 February before I took it to class at my LQS to use the design wall. During class, I sewed the blocks together in rows which left me only four seams to go to complete the flimsy at home.

Attic Window Pinwheels flimsy

This is far from my most successful project: the pin-wheels don’t stand out as well as I had hoped but I’ve learnt how to make y-seams, vastly improved my technique in making attic window blocks, got ideas for a future quilt and, when it’s quilted, it will keep someone warm who would otherwise not have had a quilt. Better still, it’s my own design (with the help of EQ7) and one of my class mates wants to make a quilt like it from her scraps, so I’d call it a success.


This post has been linked with the Rainbow Scrap ChallengeScrappy Saturday” post.

May your stitches bring you much joy.


10 thoughts on “another finished flimsy

  1. Ditto the above comment! I don’t think pinwheels all stand out perfectly – but they work well in a scrappy fashion across the whole top of the quilt. It has great movement and color! (Or, lol, lack-ish of color?) I think it looks great!


    1. Thank you so much. It helps to see my work with someone else’s eyes, especially when I feel I’ve been less than successful. It has helped me realise that completely scrappy may be a bit too much for me! I think I need a bit of white or neutral to tone it all down somehow!


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