Happy 30th birthday

Happy birthday, darling daughter. I love you more than I can say!

DD aged 3
DD aged 3
DD aged 30

It’s certainly not the best photo ever but we were having too much fun sharing a quiet birthday dinner to remember to take a formal photo. In this picture, she was looking at her birthday cake.

DD has grown into a kind, caring, compassionate woman who wants the best for everyone — not so much different from the child I remember!


3 thoughts on “Happy 30th birthday

    1. I can’t believe she is thirty! Where does the time go? Wasn’t she a child just last month? [😉]

      Now she has another baby on the way. She’s sixteen weeks and is due mid-November. Ben will be nearly seven and Daniel will be almost five and a half. Please pray for her, she has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Thanks.





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