two finishes

At the beginning of April, just in time for Caring Hearts Community Quilters’ annual Airing of the Quilts (9 and 10 April),  I finished the quilt which had been begun by Older Grandson last September. Tired of sewing strips as he had on his previous visit, he decided to sew squares and the “Road to Whoopi” quilt was born. (“Whoopi” is the nickname given by the locals to the town in which DD and the family live). Of course, once Older Grandson started, Younger Grandson and DD had to get involved.

It didn’t take long for Older Grandson and Younger Grandson to learn that sewing squares required more care than sewing strips and they soon lost interest. But I can’t let a project die because two young children don’t want to work on it any more. I showed you the finished flimsy on my old blog back in November. The top is based on a Road to Oklahoma block but I have rearranged the lights and darks slightly.

Without further ado, here is  our scrappy version of a traditional quilt — the Road to Whoopi.

"Road to Whoopi" finished front
“Road to Whoopi” finished front
"Road to Whoopi" finished back
“Road to Whoopi” finished back

I tried hard to get another quilt finished before the Airing but it just didn’t work out. I showed the finished flimsy on this blog on 2 March so it seemed that I was on track to get it finished in time for the Airing. However, two weeks away from home during March followed by a difficult time with mum after she returned from residential respite put paid to many of my plans.

Finally, in the first week of May, I finished sewing the binding on to a quilt I had started in class last year. It is based on the Attic Windows block but I put it in a different setting to make my “man quilt”: Attic Window Pinwheels.

Attic Window Pinwheels finished front
Attic Window Pinwheels finished front
Attic Window Pinwheels finished back
Attic Window Pinwheels finished back

I have two more finished tops ready for quilting, I just have to make backings. The first quilt you saw back in February; the other is the subject of another post.

Hopefully I’ll have that post up next week!

Linking up with Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday, which is being hosted this week over at crazydutchbirdquilts. Why not pop over and see what other people have finished this week?

In the meantime, may your stitches bring you much joy.


mum’s blanket update

Mum’s rate of knitting has slowed down for one reason or another so I am catching up with my finishing in comparison to her output!

Here are two blankets completed by me at the end of last year.    

I know, they’re all starting to look much the same but garter stitch is all mum can do. At least the recipients won’t know that there are several similar-looking blankets out there!

This third blanket is made in a different yarn, much thicker, heavier and harsher; we will not be using it again. I have used a pale yellow for the sashing and borders instead of the white I usually use.

Mum is no longer able to cope with long strips of 250 rows so we are back to using shorter strips cross-wise.

I’m currently working on Blanket #10 (the knitting, and therefore the counting, of blankets began March 2015). There are not yet enough strips to start on Blanket #11 so I’m almost up-to-date: woo-hoo!

Does anyone have any tips for photographing knitted blankets so they’re square, not stretched out of shape like mine always are. I’ve tried pegging them to a line (as seen in this post) but they  still stretch and sag. Any tips would be appreciated?

May your stitches bring you much joy.