blanket and participation

A few night’s ago, despite the warm, humid weather we’re having, I finally finished sewing in all the ends of mum’s latest blanket. I chose to knit the sashing and borders in yellow instead of white for a change and I think it looks quite effective.

Mum's Blanket #10


As for the participation mentioned in my title, I was reading a post by The Joyful Quilter (alos mentioned in my last post): it contained information about a quilt-along at Justquilting with Denise Russart. This “Barn Dance” quilt looked so pretty and so right for scrap-busting that I can hardly resist it! You just might find me sewing some “Hole in the Barn Door” blocks (aka “Churn Dash”, “Monkey Wrench” , “Puss in the Corner”, etc) in the near future!

barn dance quilt-along
barn dance quilt-along

I don’t need to make such a large quilt but it’ll be fun to join in and figure out how to use the blocks in a single (twin) bed sized later! Plus, I thought it would be great for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge which I join every now and then (I’m trying to be more consistent this year but don’t hold me to it!).

scraps on edge of cutting table
scraps on edge of cutting table

Most scraps were sorted by size and shape but a couple of strong gusts of wind when I wasn’t home put paid to that: my friend, who was keeping mum company, picked them up off the floor and put them randomly on the table.  My fault for not putting scraps away as I go!

green scraps awaiting cutting & storing

What about you?
Are there any challenges, quilt-alongs or scrap-alongs you’re involved with?
Do you think you might join either of these?

May your stitches bring you much joy.


mum’s blanket update

Mum’s rate of knitting has slowed down for one reason or another so I am catching up with my finishing in comparison to her output!

Here are two blankets completed by me at the end of last year.    

I know, they’re all starting to look much the same but garter stitch is all mum can do. At least the recipients won’t know that there are several similar-looking blankets out there!

This third blanket is made in a different yarn, much thicker, heavier and harsher; we will not be using it again. I have used a pale yellow for the sashing and borders instead of the white I usually use.

Mum is no longer able to cope with long strips of 250 rows so we are back to using shorter strips cross-wise.

I’m currently working on Blanket #10 (the knitting, and therefore the counting, of blankets began March 2015). There are not yet enough strips to start on Blanket #11 so I’m almost up-to-date: woo-hoo!

Does anyone have any tips for photographing knitted blankets so they’re square, not stretched out of shape like mine always are. I’ve tried pegging them to a line (as seen in this post) but they  still stretch and sag. Any tips would be appreciated?

May your stitches bring you much joy.